State of the Art Cow Monitoring System

Dairy and beef cattle live healthier lives when farmers use the most accurate and affordable internal fresh cow activity and temperature monitoring on the market

Herd Monitoring Made Easy


Believe it or not, monitoring your cow’s health – from the inside out – couldn’t be easier. Research also shows it’s the best way to monitor your herd’s health – one cow at a time.

With the TruCore Precision Monitoring system you get:

  • 24/7 activity monitoring

  • 24/7 temperature monitoring

  • 24/7 eating and drinking monitoring

  • Early indications of estrus (heat)

And it’s all delivered to your smartphone, tablet or computer

For All Ruminant Animals

Internal, fresh activity and temperature monitoring works well for all ruminant animal production including:

  • Dairy production

  • Beef production

  • Sheep production

  • Goat production

  • Bison production

Partner with us

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