How Our Fresh Cow Monitoring System Works

Designed to be easy to use. Packed with groundbreaking technology.

The multi-sensor is the foundation of the system

An individual multi-sensor forms the foundation of the Herdstrong TrueCore fresh cow monitoring system. The multi-sensor lives inside each cow and requires no activation. The multi-sensor arrives turned on and ready to go with a battery that lasts four years.

The multi-sensor is applied

Easy to administer, the multi-sensor gets applied via a multi-sensor applicator, a standard piece of equipment on all dairies. Generally, that applicator is used to give medication or tablets. Before administering the multi-sensor, the HerdStrong app uses a camera in a smartphone to read the barcode on the sensor. This marries the sensor to the cow’s ear tag number which is then entered into the app. From that point forward the animal’s ear tag ties the sensor to the animal.

The multi-sensor lives in the reticulum

Once swallowed, the multi-sensor travels through the rumen making its way to its final resting place in the animal’s second stomach chamber called the reticulum. 

The multi-sensor measures temperature & activity

Once applied, the sensor begins measuring activity and temperature from the reticulum. From this location, the sensor measures:

  • Rumination (the digestive action of the intestinal tract)

  • Gross motor movement (used to identify heat)

  • Temperature (which can monitor water intake and core body temperature).

The sensor stores information and transmits the data every 30 minutes. Depending on local conditions and the specific installation, signals can be received by the smart gateway in an area up to a 450 foot diameter. 

The cow's data is applied to formulas

Once received by the smart gateway, finely tuned algorithms are applied to the data and used to predict ovulation, calving and disease.

Health alerts are sent as needed

When the data registers with a certain algorithm, like disease, the system sends an alert to the herd management software.

Our internal, fresh cow health monitoring system works well for all ruminant animal production. It's more accurate. It's more reliable. And, it's affordable. Our system helps with:

  • Dairy production

  • Beef production

  • Sheep production

  • Goat production

  • Bison production