The Advantages of Internal Cow Tracking Device Systems

The data you get will make your life and your cow’s lives easier.

From early disease detection to determining when a cow is in estrus to monitoring its overall activity, our internal cow tracking system does the job best.

Learn about the benefits you and your herd get when you use Herdstrong’s TruCore Monitoring System.

The most accurate, affordable and advanced cow tracking device system on the market. The Herdstrong system records data on:

      • Gross motor activity
      • Rumination
      • Water drinking
      • Core temperature

The Benefits of Herdstrong’s TruCore Monitoring System:

    • You can easily apply and activate each cow tracking device.
    • You can use your smartphone, tablet or computer to monitor your herd’s health. (App available for iPhone and Android)
    • You get 95% heat detection accuracy. (You won’t get that with rectal thermometers)
    • You can detect disease earlier and more reliably with real-time core temperature and activity readings.
    • You can improve reproduction. Accurate activity and heat detection offer a more accurate determination of estrus.
    • You don’t have to worry about broken collars or lost leg sensors. The cow tracking device lives inside the cow. 
    • You know when a cow is sick faster reducing the need for antibiotics and expensive vet bills
    • You can increase milk yield and lower your per unit cost as herd size expands 
    • You get alerts when your cow is ready to calve. 
    • You can reduce heat illness.