TruCore™ Technology

HerdStrong’s automatic health monitoring system combines machine learning, sophisticated software algorithms and reliable rumen sensors to provide early illness detection, calving and breeding alerts to assure the absolute best care for your animals.

TruCore™ software provides:

  • Timely health alerts sent directly to your mobile device and PC by continously monitoring, tracking, analyzing each of your individual animals’ temperature, baseline calculations, and medical data.
  • Alerts for advance warning of mastitis, metritis, pneumonia and other diseases.

With TruCore™ technology you can identify and treat sickness earlier, improving milk productivity previously lost to illness and lessening the impact of disease on her reproductive function. TruCore™ improves your ability to breed her again and again and most importantly, generates more income from your investment.



Raw data (csv) or use TempTrack’s sophisticated algorithms

Graphically view base line and circadian variations for each animal

Algorithms create circadian baseline, mitigate water / digestion variances

All data is backed up in the cloud, secure and remotely accessible 24 x 7



Calibrated temperature sensor

Sensor transmit distance up to 137-meter diameter (450 ft. diameter)

Battery life up to 5+ years

Temperature Measurement Range: 25°C – 48.4°C (77°F – 119.1°F)

Temperature Resolution: 0.1°C (0.1°F or customizable)

Temperature Accuracy: 0.07°C (0.126°F or customizable)

Temperature Repeatability: 0.031°C (0.0558°F or customizable)

Reading frequency: 15 minutes / transmission every 15 minutes (or customizable)

Ruminant Sensor Bolus: Length: 114mm (4 7/16”); Diameter: Top: 33mm (1 5/16”);
Bottom: 31mm (1 1/4”)

Bolus retention > 99%

Data logging capability (most recent 96 readings)

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DVM Systems introduces HerdStrong TruCore Precision Monitoring, a powerful combination of our award winning software with the world’s most sophisticated, long-life, accurate multi-sensor bolus.  HerdStrong’s technology provides the ultimate management tool with cloud computing and a mobile app delivering actionable information directly to dairy and beef producers. TruCore Precision Monitoring provides real-time prioritized 24/7 alerts essential for today’s data driven operations. 


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